Restaurant Ordering System Simplified

Executive Dining Club was founded in 1992, well before the need arose for online ordering systems for restaurants. We\’ve been helping restaurants succeed for longer than many of your customers have been alive! In our early days, we helped a small number of restaurants get corporate contracts, allowing them to build with large, long-term, lucrative contracts. We built our business on a straight commission model that benefitted our restaurant clients and allowed our business to grow. As we grew and evolved, we were able to benefit our clients in unique ways, such as acquiring overtime meal business from companies such as Merrill Lynch and Credit Suisse First Boston. We understood the importance of sourcing important contracts that allowed our clients to grow their businesses.

As we began to recognize the power of the internet, we began to see how we could harness that power to help even more restaurants grow. We began designing websites for restaurants in 2001. Today, restaurant website design is the core of our business! We build successful and profitable restaurant websites for our clients. Over 90% of our first time customers become regular, steady clients. While providing stellar service and plating incredible food is a huge part of your restaurant\’s success, growth is essential to your long term success, and we\’ve built our business by helping restaurants grow.

For us, creating great online ordering systems for our clients is all about making it easy. In fact, it\’s our goal to make sure that you find it easier than using your phone. We retain order information, so your customers can place repeat orders easily. The menus are conveniently located in one place, which means that when your customers bookmark your site for later, they\’re able to come back to the same place.

Dedicated Customer Service

We have a dedicated customer service team who makes it a priority to make your online ordering system experience the one thing about running your restaurant that doesn\’t stress you out. Our customer service team manually checks each order that comes in to your restaurant. This double verification process insures that your customer\’s order is correct, and that you get it, even if your fax machine is down or you don\’t check your email right away.

We offer restaurant marketing packages that put you in the driver\’s seat, but allow you to grow your restaurant using social media marketing, direct mail marketing, and email campaigns. Imagine having the pressure of trying to come up with long term marketing campaigns removed from your list of worries. We make it possible for you to concentrate on other aspects of running your restaurant.

EDC is proud to have built restaurant websites for businesses just like yours, all over the United States and Canada. We add new customers every week, and we\’re looking forward to setting up an online ordering system or restaurant website that works for you. Give us a call today and join the ECD family of restaurants! You\’ll be glad you did!