Restaurant Marketing Solutions – Promote Your Website For Others To See

Here is a nice article on Google of the importance of taking control of your Google page:


Are you where your customers are?

It’s hard, isn’t it? Managing your business, taking care of every little thing that can only be handled by you, keeping up with the books, dealing with the personnel issues and making sure that your business is being marketed properly. When was the last time you had a day off that wasn’t interrupted by a phone call or text message about a problem that only you could take care of? No wonder you feel overwhelmed. Usually, when you’ve got a lot on your plate, marketing is the first thing you let slide. It’s so easy to put off until later.

Eventually, that’s going to hurt. While your regular customers are your bread and butter, you’ve got to always be building new clientele. You’ll have a few drop-offs you’ll need to replace, and, like any smart business, you want to increase your sales over this time last year.

However, without marketing your restaurant, you’re not going to find new customers. Marketing a restaurant today isn’t placing ads in the newspaper and making sure that your Yellow Pages ad is correct; it’s checking that you’ve got a presence on sites like Yelp!, Trip Advisor, and local sites. It’s building a social media presence on sites like Facebook and Instagram. It’s making sure that you’ve got business cards handy and decals ready to be slapped on every delivery box that makes its way out your door.

But the professionals at EDC Interactive have the key to solving your restaurant marketing problems!

EDC Interactive provides complete marketing solutions for your restaurant. We’ll get you listed on those important sites, and make sure that your Google presence is loud and proud. We can help you build a social media following for your restaurant, insuring that your customers can find you on their favorite online destinations. We can craft posts that are sure to grab attention, and keep online orders flowing. We can help you integrate SMS marketing and help you design long term email marketing campaigns that convert.

Some of our restaurant marketing solutions are included with Plan A; we know how important it is that your website is visible on Google and Yelp! For a small monthly fee, you’re able to add social media marketing, email marketing campaigns, and more. At EDC Interactive, our professionals want your restaurant to succeed. Tools like four color business cards increase your visibility, and complete restaurant marketing campaigns help drive customers to that online ordering system that you’re so excited to implement.

In today’s competitive marketplace, building your business isn’t just dependent on one factor. You’ve got to meet customer’s needs with incredible food, top-shelf service and an easy-to-use online ordering system, and make sure that you’re where your customers are. If you’re missing one of these components, it’s going to be harder for you to compete. Talk to your account manager to see how we can build a comprehensive restaurant marketing solution to make sure that your restaurant gets, and stays, busy!