Online Restaurant Ordering – Make Your Mark Today

Are you already offering branding, social media management, credit card processing, or web design to restaurants in your area? Simple food ordering systems are an excellent addition to what you’re already offering your clients, and will help you to bring in new clients. There are a wide variety of benefits to these types of systems that simply cannot be ignored.

Your business growth is determined not only by the level of your customer services, but also what you’re able to offer to potential customers. It’s important that you increase your menu of offerings in order to continue to grow your business. It gives current customers a reason to stay, and it helps you to bring in new customers looking for the specific services you’re bringing on board. While those regular customers are the ones who are keeping the lights on, it’s essential that you bring new clients in to grow your income levels.

Begin Reselling Today

If you become an EDC Interactive Reseller, you’ll be able to offer an online ordering system to restaurants in your local area. It’s a natural add-on to services you already offer. You’ll be offering restaurants in your area the opportunity to take orders twenty-four hours a day, even when they’re not open. By being a Reseller, you’re adding both online ordering and food delivery opportunities to the restaurants you’re already serving, allowing you to offer a more well-rounded and enticing package.

You’re offering more than just a solution to a problem. You’re offering the restaurants the opportunity to make their customer’s lives easier. This will put them ahead of the marketplace. In turn, your business will gain a reputation as more professional, and instantly be more appealing to potential clients. As more restaurants seek online ordering systems, your business will be the one to reap the rewards.

Not only will you get the opportunity to grow your customer base, you’ll get a commission on every sale that comes through your customer’s websites. This allows you to build a residual income long after the sale is complete. You know the importance of residual income. Having an income that comes in, without you needing to do anything to bring it in, means that your long term profit margin will increase, allowing your business to thrive while you focus on growing other aspects of your business.