Online Ordering For Restaurants – Increase Your Repeat Business

Here’s the bottom line: If you make it easier for your customers to order, they will order more. It’s really that simple!

For our e-commerce websites, all you need is a fax machine or email address at the restaurant. EDC Interactive does the rest! Our online ordering system for restaurants is that easy! Here’s how it works:

By making your menus accessible online, your customers will be able to order at any time. Customers can access your regular menu, catering menu and even your daily specials. Your customers will be able to bookmark your site, and have instant access from any of their devices, at any time.

Once your customers have chosen what they want from your menu, they can place an order by phone or on the internet. This means that your customers can place their orders in advance, when it’s convenient for them! If they order via the internet, then all of their information will be saved in their online profile, meaning it will be really simple for them to place repeat orders.

When the customer places the order, things start to happen on your end. You’ll get a copy of the order sent to your fax machine or email address right away! The orders are clear, documented, and most importantly, confirmed! All you need to do is transmit them to the kitchen. Your time on the phone is cut dramatically, as all of your customer’s questions will be answered on your website! With the EDC system, you’ll never miss an order!

Prompt Payment

Many online ordering systems hold your payments for weeks or even months. With the EDC Interactive system, you get paid right away-as soon as the customer places their order! We’ll bill you at the end of the month for our fees.

Other Benefits

As soon as you get your restaurant set up on our online menu system, you’ll be hooked! Just ask our customers. By receiving your orders via fax or email, you’re saving your employees valuable time. And when you do have a customer that prefers to order by phone, they won’t run into busy signals or long hold times, because once the word gets out, most of your customers will be ordering from their devices instead! With internet orders, everything is neat and concise. No more language barriers or mistakes from messy handwriting. Plus, your customers will know if you have special menu options like gluten-free or low-carb, because they’ll be noted on your restaurant’s website! You’ll have less worries about incorrect orders, because both you and your customer get an email confirmation of exactly what was ordered!

Finally, our online ordering systems allow you to build a customer database! Every online order captures valuable customer information that you can use for future marketing efforts. You’ll have email addresses, enabling you to send Thank You emails encouraging your customers to follow you on social media! Plus, you’ll have mailing addresses for direct mail campaigns and special offers. All you’ll need is a long term marketing campaign, which we can provide for a small fee, to take advantage of your new customer database.

Example of menu with menu options.