Online Food Ordering Platform – Our Customers

Who are EDC’s customers?

  • EDC primary customers are small chains and independent restaurant owners.
  • Top EDC restaurant sites process over $3,000 in online orders daily.
  • EDC processes tens of thousands of online orders every month.
  • Over 90% of people that try the EDC system do not go back to using the phone.
  • EDC has many individual restaurants with databases containing over 1,000 emails and addresses.
  • EDC has a cancellation rate of less than 3%

Choose a Plan that is Right For You!

Complete Web Site Solution – Plan A

Do you have no web site or an old, outdated site that is not mobile and does not work on tablets and/or smart phones and does not show up properly on Google searches?
Then consider our Plan A solution. The specialists at EDCInteractive will design and build you a complete e-commerce web site using the latest in Responsive Web Design Technology so your site will be completely mobile and easy to read and navigation no matter the device. Add our marketing expertise to the equation, and we will have you coming up on the first page of Google (on all devices!) and taking online orders in less than three weeks.

– OR –

Online Ordering Component Only – Plan B

You are happy with your current web site but want an online ordering service.
Then opt for our Plan B solution. EDCInteractive will provide only the online component that will link to your existing site. The aesthetic of the online component will mimic the original site very closely, making the transition seamless for users.