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Web and Mobile Online Ordering Systems for Restaurants – EDC Interactive online menu systems for restaurants provides your customers access to your complete menu with the capability for special orders, pick up or delivery times for future order and more. Our online menu systems can be integrated into your existing website, and we offer complete website solutions from the ground up, including branding and social media management.

Simple online menu systems give you the tools to pull ahead in an increasingly crowded marketplace. Maintaining your profit margin becomes easier when your customers are able to get their online ordering needs met. EDC Interactive’s online menu systems bring numerous benefits to your customers including convenience, security, and ease of use. As a restaurant owner, you can’t ignore the impact of improving your customer experience. Easy ordering makes you stick out above the crowd.

The goal of the professionals at EDC Interactive is a simple one: provide you with sophisticated yet easy-to-use online menu systems that both make it easier for you to run your restaurant and easier for your customers to interact with you. Contact us today to see how we can put together a custom solution for your restaurant.

Features That Matter For Your Restaurant

Effective Solutions for Every Size of Restaurant

Mobile Reservations

Our online ordering system allows you to take reservations directly from your website, allowing you to convert visitors into customers in real time with no hassles.

Hassle Free Reservations Included

Booking software allows you to keep track of available tables and manage your reservations with an easy-to-use interface.

Responsive Website Design

Our website designs ensure that your site looks great on any device no matter the size of the screen. In today's mobile environment, you can't ignore the need for a responsive website.

Mobile, Tablet, Desktop Ready Websites

Responsive websites for restaurants provide optimal viewing experiences by providing easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, scrolling, and panning.

Mobile Ordering System

More people order food from their mobile devices and tablets than ever before. If your customers can't order from you in a way that's convenient for them, they're ordering from someone else.

Target Mobile Customers Effectively

Orders are confirmed through an automated system directly after they are faxed or emailed to you.

Easy Navigation & Checkout

EDC Interactive offers a system that will put total control into the hands of both existing and potential customers.

Capture and Retain Repeat Customers

Repeat customers will find it easier to order from you; EDC Interactive’s system allows repeat orders in as little as three clicks.

Website Integration

There is no need to redesign your existing website if you already have one as our online menu system can integrate with any existing site.

Keep Your Existing Website

With an online ordering system integrated into your website, users will have the ability to order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Animation That Works

We utilize non-flash, Apple friendly sliders so your animations show up where and when they're intended.

High Quality Stock Photographs

No pictures of your food? No problem. We have the exact images you need and best of all, they are included in your website package.

Web and Mobile Online Ordering Solutions For Restaurants

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Menu Integration and Data Management

Every time a customer orders, you’re able to capture important data, including email and mailing addresses, through your web portal. Then you’ve got all of the information you need for long term marketing campaigns including email marketing, direct mailing, and rewards programs. Our data management solutions make it easier for you to retain your current customers.

It’s our goal to provide you with a system that your customers view as both sophisticated, and easy to use. To complete in today’s crowded market place, you need to appeal to web-savvy customers, and that means you need an amazing site that’s easy to use. If you’ve already got a website that you love, we can integrate our online menu system into your site. If you need an incredible website, we can help with that, too! For your restaurant to succeed, you need an easy to find website with top-notch menu integration.

With either option, you’re bringing your customers a valuable resource that will save them time and make them more likely to order from you instead of the competition. Your customers will be able to order at their convenience, even if you aren’t currently open. Your returning customers will be able to easily order their favorites because their previous orders will be saved within the system.

Live Website Examples

Visit active client websites and see how the system works for yourself.

Website Enhancements To Showcase Your Efforts

Fast and Easy Integration

With an online ordering system integrated into your website, users will have the ability to order 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Not only can users order ahead in the afternoon for delivery later that night, but they can also place orders even if your restaurant is closed for the day. There is no longer any need for the customer to pick up the phone and call your restaurant directly, and you don’t have to drop what you’re doing and rush to the telephone every time a call comes in. A busy signal will never again get in the way of a potential order.

Beautiful animated photo galleries and sliders to showcase your restaurant.

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